Festival Overview

  The Shanghai TV Festival, established in 1986, is a comprehensive exchange platform for the international TV industry. It is composed of competition, market, forums, events and ceremonies. Through more than 20 years of brand-building, the Shanghai TV Festival has gradually functioned as a platform to promote diverse culture, as an industry cluster and as a regional economy booster. The festival has upgraded the event scales and social impacts through the years, and also helped substantially in promoting cultural exchanges and professional collaborations.

 This year, the Shanghai TV Festival will include:

 Magnolia Awards
The Magnolia Awards are comprised of four units: TV Drama, Documentaries, Animations and Variety. With authoritative judging, well-designed regulations and well-organized implementation, the Awards focus on the world's outstanding programs to catch up trends that will influence the industry and the market.

Film & TV Market
The International Film and TV Market, recognized for its professional services, international platform and high quality organization has developed in its own unique way to become one of the most mature Asian content markets.

New Media & Equipment Market
The International New Media and Broadcasting Equipment Market attracts top professional equipment companies to facilitate interactions between hardware producers, modern technology companies and TV content producers, to reflect the integration of content and equipment.

Magnolia TV Forum
Based on global topics and industrial experiences, this forward-looking and professional TV forum gathers well-known industrial professionals and media investors from around the world to discuss on the industry's trends and exchange creative ideas.

Special Events
Other events include the Magnolia Screening in which excellent productions from around the world will be shown on the local channels. The Night of Glory, a special event where the best makers of TV Drama and celebrities will be honored from both home and abroad. Shanghai Student TV Festival, comprising TV screening & selection, is aimed to convey students’ perspectives on society. STVF is made for and organized by the future stars in the industry to cultivate fresh talent.