2013 Asian Animation Pitch & Catch


Project in Selection

Elmo and His Friends (Shanghai Left Pocket Studio)

Tempo Express (Fantasia Animation)

Chinese Characters Island (Shanxi Gaea Culture Media Co., Ltd.)

Happy Garden (Shanghai Animation Film Studio)

Mr. Miao (Large Invisible Cartoon)

Momo & Lili Diary (JSBC Film & TV Cartoon Media Co., Ltd.)

Nunu and Lulu (Toonmax Media Co., Ltd.)

Journey to Xixi Valley (Nanjing Zhuge Animation Limited Company)

Yagoo and His Friends (Shijiazhuang DeepCG Animation Technology Company Limited)

Wing Chun White Crane (Shanghai T-Talent Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)


Excellent Project

Big Movie – Treasure Hunter (Nanjing Zhuge Animation Limited Company)

Daodao Dog (Crystal Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)

Light (HU Tao)

Arrogant Animals (Shanghai Animation Film Studio)

Death of the Eggs (Xi’an Momo IT Co., Ltd.)

Light Seeds (JSBC Film & TV Cartoon Media Co., Ltd.)

Sweetheart Assembly Horn of Jimmy Bear (Hangzhou Eastern Dragon Movie & Cartoon Co., Ltd.)

Komodo (Michael GUMELAR)

Manji in Beijing (Vasoon Animation Co., Ltd.)

Momoho (Uyoung (Tianjing) Animation Culture & Media Co., Ltd.)

Meeka’s Iceberg (Ciwen Animation Co., Ltd.)

Nano Invaders (Capital Media International Co., Ltd.)

Outlaws of Water Margin (Beijing Glorious Animation Company)

Girl of Watery Town (Shanghai Kirn Cultural & Communication Co., Ltd.)

Tales from Journey to the West (Jin Ding Animation Studio, LLC.)

Young Zhuge Liang (Beijing Glorious Animation Company)


Student Project

A Kui’s Adventure ( LI Wenyu)

Girl Metts Boys (Luo Shiyu, CHEN Yin)

The Double (ZHANG Wansha)


Most Creative Project

Mr. Miao (Large Invisible Cartoon)


Most Market Potential Project

Nunu and Lulu (Toonmax Media Co., Ltd.)