Online Applications Launched for the 22nd STVF

     Applications for the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival's Magnolia Awards of 2016 were launched on November 16. The online portal ( is now open for applications in four sections – TV drama, documentaries, animations, and variety shows.

     The Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) started in 1986 and consists of a number of different main activities, including awards, markets and forums highlighting professionalism, internationalism, and foresight. The festival is intended to vigorously promote the core values of socialism, actively boost the development of the film and TV industry from a forward-looking perspective and innovate the way of holding the festival; with its foothold in the leading place of the world's film and TV industry, by sticking to the rhythm of evolution of product innovation, service innovation, and mechanism innovation, and gathering quality resources and industry elites, the festival sparks discussions on heated topics, solves the industry’s perplexity, and leads the industry to upgrade; and, dedicated to the innovative and international development of Chinese television, it helps to bring Chinese TV programs abroad in order to make the festival the highest-level summit of the Chinese TV industry.

    In line with the TV industry’s development trend, the TV awards setting was optimized for the Magnolia Awards assessment of 2015, where the 23 awards were simplified to four main parts (TV drama, documentaries, animations, and variety shows) – altogether 15 authoritative awards. The film selector mechanism was further perfected and the scope of choices for inviting film selectors was extended. Deloitte was invited as the independent scrutinizing agency to observe the vote counting, in order to make sure that the assessment was fair, authoritative, and professional.

    A variety of more than 1,000 shows from over 50 countries and regions applied for the Magnolia Award at the 21st STVF in 2015. In the hottest TV drama part, All Quiet in Peking won the Magnolia Award for Best TV Series. With his Ordinary World, Mao Weining was awarded the Best Director, and Liu Heping the Best Screenplay for his All Quiet in Peking. In The Chinese Old Peasant, the two actors Chen Baoguo and Feng Yuanzheng were awarded the Best Actor in a Leading Role and the Best Actor in a Supporting Role respectively. In Red Sorghum, Zhou Xun and Qin Hailu have been awarded the Best Actress in a Leading Role and the Best Actress in a Supporting Role respectively. The Best Foreign TV Series/Serial is won by the American TV series Modern Family. During the festival, 80 parts/episodes of the latest TV series, including Doctor Who Season 8 from Britain were broadcast, providing a great viewing feast for audiences. Starting from next year, the fine programs chosen by STVF will not only be shown on traditional channels, but also be broadcast on new media video sites to expand their public exposure.

    The 22nd STVF will be held from June 6 to 10, 2016. The awards application deadline is March 31, 2016. Please visit for more information. Applications for the STVF International Film and TV Market will start on December 21, 2015.